HYSY - Hydraulic SystemHysy


HYSY - Hydraulic System Hysy after many years of significant experience in the field of hydraulic applications, entered the working and pleasure boating markets with specialisation in producing PROPULSION UNITS driven by integrated hydraulic motor.

They are utilized for both bow/ stern manoeuvring and thrusters for transferring propulsion
Furthermore HYSY produces and/or markets a range of structural elements, components, devices and functional groups by means of which manoeuvring systems and/or transfer propulsion systems can be assembled and made in operation.

To ensure to the customers the benefit of his experience together with a good and custom made service, at the beginning HYSY develops and suggests the ideal hydraulic scheme for different working situations, while for supplying and realise the system HYSY usually makes use of Italian and Foreign Partners located closely to the customers and offers also its advice to the Customer supplier itself.

To conclude for the next future, HYSY accepted the ambitious engagement to widen the production programme introducing modular construction systems.

Thanking to their utilization, it will be possible for each case to generate devices suitable to various dimensional and installation situations due to the wide variety of requested performances and to the large number of boats.

In this way it will also be possible to limit the costs even with complicated and unusual configurations: this philosophy will especially suit installers and distributors.